About Us

Brasil for Expats was created to take care of every aspect of the expatriate’s needs in order to make his relocation to a new country the smoothest possible experience.

As a relocation company, we develop the process of adaptation in many different levels, starting with the new geographical condition – adaptation to the local climate, for example – up to all aspects of the new job (i.e. cultural training),keeping in mind the emotional aspectof the move, and how it affects the expat and each member of his/her family.

We individually assess each expatriate’s profile in order to offer the best possible solution in housing, schooling and cultural integration, overseeing every step of the process and helping with anything that may be necessary, from the move itself and installation of services such as cable TV and internet, to personalized support with cultural matters, transportation, shopping, food, and any other needs that may arise.

Through our website, we offer further support by providing up to date information to facilitate the life of the expatriate living in
Brazil, with dynamic advice regarding the best that São Paulo has to offer.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to the expatriate and their family, in such a way that, with constant support catering for all their needs, he/she can integrate faster to our local society, and thus, take advantage of all the opportunities our country has to offer.