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Abuse the juice this Summer!

Posted in 20 February 2014

In a tropical country like Brazil, with a dense vegetation, there is nothing better than to abuse natural juices this summer. They are refreshing and tasty, full of nutrients and they make kids happy in very warm days.

 Have you chosen your favorite?

 There are so many options, from traditional flavors like tangerine, orange, pineapple, lime and cashew (yes cashew as in nuts! Here, the cashew fruit is easily found and consumed. And it's spelled caju), to mixed flavors like orange and papaya, orange and acerola (wild Indian cherry), watermelon and pineapple. And even more exotic ones like açai fruit with guaraná. The options continue, lately we are finding more green veggies mixed with fruit juices as a strong ally to nutritious diets. But beware of false promises, juices are healthy, nutritious and tasty, but they don't work miracles.


Healthy tip: try drinking your fresh juice right after you prepare it, the fresher, the healthier.