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The place to eat well

Posted in 30 November 0001

People who live in Brazil know: good food, friendly and attentive service, only here in São Paulo.

The city has about 15,000 restaurants, originating from 52 nationalities and the different influences of the national cuisine, often blended with seasonings and international trends in contemporary kitchen forming an indescribable combination - you must experience it, literally.

There are 15,000 bars, 600 Japanese restaurants, 3,200 bakeries (padarias) and 6,000 pizzerias. Here, 10.4 million rolls and 400 thousand sushi's are prepared per day.

There are options for all tastes and budgets: beginning with those who have achieved worldwide recognition, like Alex Atala’s D.O.M, elected the seventh best restaurant in the world in 2014, by the british magazine “Restaurant”. And Helena Rizzo’s Maní, she was just elected the best female chef in the world, and her restaurant held the 36th. position in the list.

But São Paulo is not just famous chefs and big prices, the city’s snacks like coxinhas (potato paste stuffed with chicken and deep fried) can be enjoyed in many different places like the traditional Frangó or the Central Market, where you can find stands that sell ingredients and prepare delicious mortadella sandwiches and pastéis de bacalhau. 

There are numerous italian restaurants due to the large number of Italian descendants in the city. From the fine dining at Fasano, to popular canteens filled with cheap and tasty dishes, it will be hard to get it wrong.

Another unmissable experience is tasting the pizzas: there are 4,500 pizza places, producing 1 million pizzas a day or 720 per minute, which can be savored in old and charming mansions like the Veridiana (Higienópolis), the Speranza (Bela Vista) or the Leona (Campo Belo), with different options, from thin crust like the Camelo or the Cristal in Jardins, to thicker ones like the Castelões at Brás. And you can even find pizzas at the padarias.

Are you fond of the all you can eat places? Then you can choose between churrascos, soups and even sushi.  And let’s not forget the delicious esfihas and kibes from our arabic heritage.

Is your mouth watery? Check out these websites: and, they offer promotions and discounts from different places around the city.