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Graffiti - São Paulo’s face

Posted in 21 March 2014

Restless, nervous and in constant transformation, São Paulo has found in graffiti its most genuine translation.

Beco do Batman em Vila Madalena

The most famous graffiti artists in town are Os Gêmeos (the twins), Gustavo e Otávio Pandolfo and Francisco Rodrigues the “Nunca”. Together they took graffiti to a whole new level when they were invited to show their art at the Street Art show in London’s Tate Modern in 2008.

Always in touch with the graffiti of the city, the financial consultant and photographer Ricardo Czapski took close to 10,000 images around town and printed the book “O Graffiti SP”. It’s just been released.

Some of the images captured by Ricardo are already gone. “I realized that this was a volatile form of art, as many of the walls are torn down or painted over, that was my biggest inspiration: Develop a documentary work so this art isn’t forgotten or made in vain”, the photographer said.

For those interested in learning more about this art, we recommend a ramble through the  Cambuci neighborhood, once home of the Gêmeos and Nunca. Also the Vila Madalena neighborhood has great murals like the Beco do Batman (Batman’s alley). The tunnel leading to Av. Paulista on Av. Dr. Arnaldo and the Parque da Juventude in Av. Cruzeiro do Sul, over the north side of town.

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