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Oscar Niemeyer and his legacy

Posted in 20 March 2014

One of the biggest and more important architects of all times, Oscar Niemeyer Ribeiro Soares Filho, died at 104 years of age, on December 5th. 2012. He was responsible for the consolidation of Brazil in the scenery of world architecture.

Originality and creativity were strong characteristics of his work, they changed modern architecture’s concepts with an esthetic appeal. He was praised and criticized for being a “monument sculptor”. He was a great artist and one of the most important architects of his generation. His work is present in several countries like United States, France, Germany, Algeria, Italy and Israel.

One of his trademarks is the use of sculptures, wall paintings and murals by brazilian artists like Cândido Portinari, Bruno Giorgi, Alfredo Ceschiatti, Athos Bolcão and Burle Marx.

In São Paulo he designed the famous Parque do Ibirapuera, The Copan building, The Memorial de America Latina, which became landmarks of the city.

His unquestionable productivity took him into the 21st Century developing projects in Brazil, in Oslo, Norway, Moscow and London, keeping him active until his passing.

To visit his work, heres a small list of the most important ones:

- Auditório do Ibirapuera (;

- MAM (

- Museu Afro-Brasil (

- Memorial da América Latina (